Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I stare down from the stars
Wonder where the story changed course
Being portrayed as cause of the wars
When I was jeered at and humiliated by force?

Being shared by five men was written in my fate
I was not loved and wed, but a prize for their skill
I never felt belonged was just served on a plate
A plate you could pass on when you had your fill

I still wonder the way they staked me for dice
Was I a partner for life, prize or property?
Palace stood helpless, witness of the vice
Now they raise a brow; put a mark on my chastity?

Yet I hear the stories being told below
Kurukshetra was a great war, Draupadi sowed the seed
A woman caused the war, meaning the men were mellow?
I had only lived my life serving their need and feed

No, the war was not due to need of power and greed of land
No, the war was not due to injustice served and ego of the clans
No, the war was not due to wronged men and righteous stand
No, the war was not due to game of dice and scheming plans

The war was due to a woman and her coveted beauty
The war was due to her revenge, which they felt was their duty
Strange are the reasons, stranger are the prejudices
The blame lies with me, while they are remembered for their virtues!!

This poem is meant to put forward a possible angle of Draupadi's feelings.
It's purpouse is not to question/demean any of our great epic characters.
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  1. Manasa...I dont know if you remember me...Vennela ur senior ra....this is flow simple...vocabulary easy...Awesome Girl....Keep Going....Count me in as ur FAN!! :)

  2. of course i remember you!thank you for those wonderfull comments.they mean a lot.

  3. One of the best poems I've ever read......beautifully expressed Draupadi's point of view!

  4. Dear Manasa,

    Why should I say the poem is excellent and the best. You are synonymous for the both. When
    Maa Manasa's pen downs, it ought to be the best, the best and the best.



  5. simply superb iagree with the views u enlised about Draupsdi congrates keep on going like that

  6. Thank you all and Special thanks to Adithya for nominating my poem to Frozen Dew Poets Society!!

  7. Manasa, Congrats for the Best Poem Award.

    Padma Pinni and Narsimhai Babai.

  8. The Picture is opt for the poem. Both compliment each other well. By the way I think it is raviverma`s portrait.( Correct me if iam wrong). The award , ofcourse, is inevitable, Keep going.

    Your strongest dad!!!!!!

  9. I never felt belonged was just served on a plate
    A plate you could pass on when you had your fill

    This did it!
    Such wonderful lines. :)

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  11. It's a nice composition, but actually Draupadi had got the boon of having 5 husbands from Shiva, she had done 'tapasya' to please Him and then desired 5 husbands.
    Moreover she was not a prize for skill. Infact, those days women had the freedom to chose their groom. She had lots of suitors and she chose whom she deemed right. And the process was through this test. Actually, women were in better position those days than they are now. Today, they are asked their skills and made to prove they are eligible for the guy. Back those days, guys had to prove themselves!

  12. From Wikipedia:

    As per the Garuda Purana Draupadi is the incarnation of Bharati-Devi, The Consort of Lord Vayu. As per Narada Purana and Vayu Purana, Draupadi is the composite Avatar of Goddesses Shyamala (wife of Dharma), Bharati (Wife of Vayu), Shachi (wife of Indra), Usha (wife of Ashwins), and Parvati (wife of Shiva), and hence married their earthly counterparts in the form of the five Pandavas. Enraged at a jest by Parvati, Shyamala, Shachi and Usha, Brahma cursed them to human birth. Parvati thought of the solution wherein they would be born as one woman, Draupadi, and hence share the earthly body for a smaller period of time. They requested Bharati to be with them in their human birth. Draupadi's characteristic fight against injustice reflects Parvati or her Shakti, Kali, inhabiting Draupadi's mortal flesh at times. At other times, Draupadi was docile and even waited to be rescued (as in case of Jayadratha and Jatasura) showing the qualities of other goddesses like Shachi and Usha. Other times, she showed astuteness in hiding their true identity and asking Vayu's son Bhima to kill the evil Keechaka, like Bharati would. Draupadi was also avatar of Goddess Shree, who was joint wife to five Indras, who incarnated as the Five Pandavas.

    1. Yes Ruchira... This particular epic has many controversies w.r.t each character. I am not pointing out or sketching any character.
      It is just a part of my imagination that I am trying to explore all the possible angles.

      Do keep visiting and provide us your valuble insight!!
      Thank you!!

  13. Impressive! Nice job.

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